Month Colour Monochrome EDPI
February Open Three of a Kind Outdoors Night Scene
March Macro Open Food
April Open Collectible Rocks
May Still Life Open Speed
June Open Mood Stage
July No Comp No Comp Creative (Judged by Members)
August CD Cover Open Interclub EDPI subject (TBA)
September Open Interclub mono subject Vintage
October Interclub colour subject (TBA) Open Dairy Foods
November Open Movement Hot

Entries can be submitted either at the Monthly Meeting or can be left at Spectrum Printing prior to the Monthly Meeting at which they are due.

Closing Dates for all but the July Competition, each month will be the day of the Monthly meeting held the month before.  I.E The Set Subject in May for Monochrome (Low Key) needs to be entered at the April Monthly meeting. 

For the July Competition, photos will be submitted and judged on the night by the Members who are in attendance.  PLEASE NOTE: Photos for the August competition also need to be submitted at the July Meeting.