Competition Rules

Warrnambool Camera Club Inc.

See here for EDPI Rules

Conditions of Entry - Monthly Competition or Special Event (Revised March 2010)
Recording of Entries
All entries for the normal monthly competition, or for any other special exhibitions or displays the Club holds from time to time, MUST be recorded in the appropriate section of the competition Entries binder or in any special register kept for that purpose. This shall be done, by the author or their delegate, prior to the start of a normal monthly meeting or by the designated time and person for any other event. FAILURE to do so could mean that the entry may not be accepted for judging or display.
General Conditions of Entry
  • You must be a current financial member to take part in the monthly competition.
  • The original exposure or image must have been taken by the entrant.
  • Unless otherwise advised there will be an OPEN subject competition in each section and a SET subject in Colour, Small Print and Monochromatic.
  • Members may not enter more than 4 entries in any section in normal monthly competitions.
  • Members can only enter postcard or open colour (large) sections and not both in each  month.
  • The Club reserves the right to reduce the number of entries per member per section if it is considered there are too many entries to effectively judge in the time allowed.
  • The Club reserves the right to determine which section any particular entry should be entered into if there is no clear distinction made by the author.
  • All images in any section must have been originally created using light captured by a camera.
  • Any work that has been entered in any section shall not be entered again in its original state in any other monthly competition until image of the year.

Sections and Print sizes

Section                Print size         Maximum mount size
---------------------  ---------------    ------------------
Open Colour (Large)    Minimum 6 x 8”     16 x 20” (40x50cm)
Monochromatic          Minimum 6 x 8”     16 x 20” (40x50cm)
Postcard               Maximum 5 x 7”      8 x 10” (20x25cm)
Novice                 Maximum 5 x 7”      8 x 10” (20x25cm)
Creative/Experimental  Minimum 6 x 8”     16 x 20” (40x50cm)
EDPI                   See EDPI Section below.
Monochrome prints may be toned in one colour or have one colour added by any means and still be considered monochrome. Monochrome entries toned in more than one colour or having had more than one colour added by any means must be entered in the colour section.
Creative & Experimental (The main image must be photographically produced by the author. It can be 2 or 3 dimensional, collages, montages, or computer modified/enhanced). Entrants in this section are invited to include a brief explanation of their image, including techniques used in the making of the image and any post processing.
Novice section is open to any new or less experienced members of the club. Those who have won an IOTY section or aggregate are not eligible to enter the Novice Section.
Presentation of Entries
  1. All prints presented for judging in normal monthly competitions should, by preference, be mounted and MUST contain the details of the author, section entered and print title on the rear of the entry.
  2. Mount to be no more than 6mm thick.
  3. No FRAMED prints will be accepted at any time for a monthly competition.
  4. Presentation (framing and/or mounting) for special events or displays will be in accordance with the guidelines set out for that event or display.
Electronic Digital Projected Image (EDPI)
The EDPI section started in 2011 and has the following conditions in line with VAPS.
  • Images may either be created with a digital camera or created with a conventional camera and scanned into electronic format. 
  • Any subject is acceptable for the Open Section.  Set Subject entries must meet the set subject requirements for that month.
  • Images must be able to be projected using a normal laptop computer and data projector using Microsoft Windows Operating System. 
  • Images may be enhanced or manipulated using image editing software, but the original image must have been made by the entrant. 
  • The maximum horizontal dimension is 1920 pixels and the maximum vertical dimension is 1080 pixels.  Our projector can only handle a maximum of 1024 x 768 pixels so this size potentially will display better on our projector.
  • Each image file must be in RGB JPEG format and a maximum of 5 MB in size. 
  • Each file should be named as follows:
    • 1st Character - S for Set Subject OR O for Open.
    • 2nd Character - "_" Underscore Character
    • 3rd, 4th and 5th Characters - Your Member Number with leading zeros.  i.e. if your member number is 5 you would type in "005", if it is 49 you wold type in "049".
    • 6th Character - "_" Underscore Character
    • 7th to end - The name of the photo.
    • An example  of the above would be S_047_Lightning Bolt.JPG
  • Email entries to 
    • no later than one month before the competition.
    • Put "Monthly Comp" in the subject line without quotations.
    • Attach the image fie to the email. DO NOT embed the photo into the body of the email.   Multiple images can be sent in the same email.
  • Within 20 minutes you should receive an email stating that your photo has been provisionally accepted, provided it meets the requirements above.  If it does not meet the requirements you will receive an email stating what was wrong with the submission.  PLEASE NOTE: Dimensions can not be automatically checked and will be checked by a committee member.
Image of the Year
All prints must have been exhibited during the current year & a maximum of 4 entries per section per person.